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Nutraspace is a health and wellness platform partnered with many of the world's leading authorities delivering solutions to you by using our advanced personal assistant technology to provide life changing results.  We deliver products to consumers, healthcare providers and businesses. We seek to improve overall population health and decrease healthcare costs.

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Try out delicious foods and recipes that provide you with vital nutrition while keeping you healthy


Explore new exercises that will not only help you lose weight and gain muscle, but also reduce stress and elevate your mood


Learn about dietary supplements that help promote healthy weight loss and maintain healthy skin, joints, bones, hair, and nails


Find out about topicals that will help from the outside, while you work with the diet, supplements and exercises to achieve total beauty from the inside out


The Science of Aging Beautifully

The Perricone Prescription is the only mobile app designed and endorsed by world renowned health expert Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

guiding you throughout your day

Revolutionary, scientific health plans guiding you and keeping you motivated to stay on track. Learn new exercises to keep your routine fresh.

daily tips from Dr. Perricone

Gain insight from Dr. Perricone through videos & daily tips & get exclusive information from Dr. Perricone about foods and supplements.

Measure your progress

The Perricone Index Score, a system that tracks your success with absolute precision. Plans are specifically formulated to meet your goals. Look and feel like the best you.

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PerriconePx Annual

60 day
FREE trial

$9.99 / year


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Healthcare is evolving fast

Nutraspace wants to be on the forefront of that evolution. We achieve that aim by giving end-users intelligent tools to better care for themselves, to better interact with their providers, and to take ownership of their data.

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