About Us

We are a health and wellness company with diverse products

Healthcare is evolving fast. NutraSpace wants to be on the forefront of that evolution.

NutraSpace, the groundbreaking new Health & Wellness platform that seeks to improve the health of millions of individuals worldwide, significantly decreasing healthcare costs.
Find the latest health and wellness news, tips and information you can use, a support community to learn from and share with others and clinically researched products you can trust — all from one trusted source, with proven results and success metrics.

Who we are

We deliver products to consumers, healthcare providers and businesses. We seek to improve overall population health and decrease healthcare costs.

We achieve that aim by giving end users intelligent tools to better care for themselves, to better interact with their providers, and to take ownership of their data.

Our Story

NutraSpace is a mHealth technology platform company which provides a personalized and proactive digital health platform. We capture and integrate guidelines from the leading health and wellness medical professionals along with the data gleaned from peer-reviewed healthcare journals, publications and data repositories to provide consumers with real-time, customized, health management and wellness services.

NutrAlternatives (by NutraSpace) is the exclusive line of all-natural supplements with pharmaceutical-grade results. Each NutrAlternatives product is backed by years of research, developed by award-winning medical doctors with a passion for improving people's health. All NutrAlternatives supplements meet the highest standards in the industry for purity, are 100% all-natural, caffeine-free, gluten-free, and use non-GMO ingredients.

First-ever total Health & Wellness platform that moves at the speed of your life, offering access on a single app, online and (coming soon) retail.