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Perricone Prescription Mobile App

The Perricone Prescription is the only mobile app designed and endorsed by world renowned health expert Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

Dr Perricone's revolutionary, scientific health plans will guide you throughout your day. Plans are specifically formulated to meet your goals. You will look and feel like the best you and gain insight from Dr. Perricone through videos and daily tips. You will experience delicious recipes that will keep you motivated and on track. You will learn new exercises to keep your routine fresh, and get exclusive information from Dr. Perricone about foods and supplements. Your progress will be measured with the Perricone Index, a system that tracks your success with absolute precision.

The Inflammation Quotient (IQ)

Ever wonder what your IQ is? And no, we don’t mean how smart you are! It’s the secret to how well or how poorly we are aging. Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s decades of research has shown that The Inflammation/Aging Connection is the single greatest cause of aging, age-related diseases and wrinkled, sagging skin. We can’t see it, and we can’t feel it, but day in and day out it wreaks its havoc—often first visible in our skin.

The good news is that Dr. Perricone’s pioneering program provides a revolutionary, advanced technological toolbox of easy to follow steps. Each step is designed to decrease inflammation, improve fitness and health, burn fat, increase lean muscle mass and restore your skin to a youthful, supple radiance, thus boosting your Inflammation Quotient (IQ)! Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The Perricone Index is designed to measure your Inflammation Quotient. This Index is built into the Perricone Prescription App that will track your reduction in inflammation as you follow the Perricone Prescription anti-inflammatory plans.

Are You Ready For It?

The Perricone Index (PI) is a health and wellness score designed to mitigate inflammation. Upon signing up for a particular plan within the Perricone app, a set of activities, including exercise, food and supplements, and in some cases even topicals, are recommended. The compliance level of an activity is readily calculated based on your input upon completion of recommended activities. The PI score computation reflects your compliance to a chosen plan and can be used to project the level to which you are conforming to the plan.

Armed with this knowledge, you are now ready to discover the simple secrets designed to beat Inflammation! Through Perricone Index, your IQ is dynamically measured to deliver a personalized diet and lifestyle program tailored just for your specific needs. It's easy, fun and proven to increase stamina, energy, brain power, and well-being while delivering a glorious, glowing complexion—starting with your next meal. Sign up now!

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