A Complete Search Solution

High Search Relevance and Strategic Pricing

SearchSpectra allows businesses to easily add site search to their website. This allows site visitors to easily search for information on the website with high precision and accuracy. SearchSpectra is an economical alternative for businesses that invest capital in building in-house search solutions. SearchSpectra can be integrated simply by adding a simple javascript code snippet to a website.

Managed Content

Companies can just manage the website content and SearchSpectra manages the search engine. They don’t have to worry about the stack, the infrastructure, or anything—that’s all taken care of and it’s just one less thing to worry about. Companies can customize the search to match their website look and feel and also easily change the ranking of the search results to meet their standards.

SearchSpectra Analytics

SearchSpectra Analytics provides a wealth of information about what users are searching for on a website, which can not only help companies understand their users wants and needs, but also come up with strategies for better user retention and engagement. Analytics can also help businesses align the scope of their business with user demands. Site Search also helps businesses spend less time on support tickets as users can more easily find what they are looking for by just searching in one place.

Health Search

A one of a kind health and wellness specific web search that is constantly crawling acorss the world wide web, indexing health-related information and instantly delivering relevant results to its users.

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