Personal Digital Health Assistant
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Your guide to preventative healthcare

MyHealthAgent is a healthcare app designed to connect patients and healthcare providers through an intelligent healthcare "agent" that acts as a buffer between provider and patient. It allows the doctor to automate many of the important motivational tasks through video, blogs, and other media and only be alerted to critical health situations.

This vastly increases the breadth of patients a single provider can attend to and reduces the complexity of integrating new healthcare research into the provider's plans.

Track your daily routine

Instead of maintaining logs or checking over diagnostics, providers can spend more time with their patients. Through MyHealthAgent, the provider can customize each agent to the individual needs of each patient and provide that patient with a great deal of preventative healthcare informaton without a lot of complexity.

MyHealthAgent can maintain compliance of the sometimes difficult to track preventative healthcare measurements such as food, exercise, and medication compliance. Patients receive rewards and other incentives to log their activities accurately. Goals and tutorials lead patients through the process on their Dashboard in an intutive manner. Patients are reminded if they forget to log an activity or medication. Patients just need to check and clear their Dashboard to ensure compliance.

Gain insightful recommendations

MyHealthAgent also allows patients to track glucose, blood pressure, and any other healthcare measurements their provider has in mind through a provider customizable rule system. Providers can access NutraSpace Goals or create their own.

MyHealthAgent is highly secure for both patients and providers, and goes beyond HIPAA requirements. The patients' and provider's information is encrypted on the client, which means that it is only shared with the people you want to explicitly share it with. No other individual has access, not even NutraSpace employees. That means that the conversations you have with your provider on MyHealthAgent are entirely private and confidential.

What makes MyHealthAgent unique is the level of connectivity capable between patient and provider. On the patient side, it allows providers to assign highly customized healthcare plans. On the provider side, it gives unique insight into patient statistics, allows providers to compare and contrast, and could ultimately be a valuable tool to researching the effectiveness of plans.